Jesse Capelli

Jesse CapelliJesse Capelli is excitement embodied. Everything about her speaks of something thrilling. From her all natural, perfect body to her mischievous smile and adventurous eyes — she is extreme sexiness and completely unashamed of it.

Jesse grew up in Vancouver, Canada. Although she found it to be beautiful, her appetite for something more could not be sated there and she knew that she had to go off in search of the carnal intensity that she craved. Her search took her to Los Angeles.

She started her career in mainstream television and movies, but she found it much too light and wanted to take things further and truly embrace the fire that was burning within her. She switched over to the adult industry and has been going strong ever since.

Jesse has been a cover girl and centerfold for Perfect 10 as well as a cover girl and pet for Penthouse. She has tempted from the pages of Hustler, Men’s World, High Society, Club International and many, many more. She has had roles in films such as Not Another Teen Movie, Van Wilder: Party Liaison, and Perfect Opposites. A few examples of her television credits are: Wild on E, Howard Stern, Battle Dome and Breaker High.

Head on over to Jesse’s official site and see how soon she has you seduced. Daring pictures, naughty videos, exhibitionist girlfriends, uninhibited expressions, etc. are all to be found there. If you aren’t impressed with her yet, you soon will be.

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