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Contact UsYour inquiry is important to us. As such, we offer multiple ways for our colleagues, associates, clients and surfers to communicate with us, at their convenience.

Please note that, although we strive to answer all messages as quickly as possible, sometimes delays are unavoidable. Your patience is appreciated.

Contact Methods

  1. ICQ Messenger – a long standing instant messaging system, ICQ provides a quick, effective method of reaching us. To contact us via ICQ, our number is 250-437-986.
  2. E-Mail – when using e-mail as a contact method, please be patient while you await a response. Generally speaking, we receive a lot of email each day and it can take a little time before we can reply. If you require a faster reply, please consider using one of the methods above. E-mail

** Please Note: If using e-mail, please ensure you mention LemmeCheck. We manage numerous sites and, unless you specify this particular site in your email, we won’t have any idea what site to which you are referring.

** Also Note: If you have not heard a reply from us in a reasonable amount of time, it is entirely possible your message was missed. Please contact us again using one of the methods mentioned above.