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  • About Us – this will provide you with brief background information on our company and who we are.
  • Advertiser Information – provides an overview for those with an interest in pursuing advertising opportunities with us.
  • Webmasters – those with quality sites can use the information within this section to exchange links with us as well as obtain further information on our various traffic tools.
  • Model Information – provides information for models interested in being featured on our various pages, and our requirements for inclusion.
  • Submit Your Erotic Story – if you have a talent for creating original erotic stories, check in here for full information on how to submit them to us for consideration.
  • HelpDesk / FAQ – a concise set of information intended to provide assistance with any problems encountered with this site.
  • Contact Us – go here for full contact information.
  • Legal Notices — visit this page for any legal concerns you might have.