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About Us

infoThe concept for LemmeCheck (slang for Let Me Check) was originally conceived in 1996, and brought online in early 1997 — although under a different name. In 1999, LemmeCheck emerged as our brand.

Since inception, the concept has evolved to form the site as you view it today. From the simple, original idea to provide links to quality sites and use only authorized images for enhancement and traffic purposes, LemmeCheck has grown to become a well-respected establishment within the mature Internet entertainment world.

In the early years of the online adult entertainment business’ initial growth, invariably came the proliferation of seedy sites using unauthorized content, including images, for their own purposes, with little regard for the model, celebrity, photographer, or author of this content. It was obvious that a niche could be filled by providing a tasteful forum for those within this industry for promotion and networking, as well as a tasteful site for which mature surfers could have an enjoyable online experience. Instead of using unauthorized content to make a quick buck, the staff at LemmeCheck strives to forge lasting relationships with our supporters and providing them an attractive and classic forum.

Since going “live”, LemmeCheck has grown tremendously and has certainly exceeded our expectations. This site receives several thousand unique visitors daily and this growth trend continues to rise. From the day we opened, our commitment to providing a quality website with constantly updated features has remained, and will continue to remain, unchanged in the foreseeable future.

We gratefully acknowledge all the help from our visitors and supporters, for believing in us and placing their trust in us. You are the number #1 reason for our success. When you hear the name, LemmeCheck, you know you can rely on seeing beautiful ladies, great content, and above all, know your experience with us will be an enjoyable one.

A personal thank you to all the contributing writers, models, the media, photographers, agencies, management offices, programmers, and of course all of our loyal visitors, for helping to make LemmeCheck what it is today!

Thank you,
LemmeCheck Entertainment