Kat Gutierrez

Kat GutierrezKat Gutierrez is the perfect formation of Asian beauty. Although born in America, her features are of undeniable Filipina making.

Kat’s curves are an impressive addition to her 5′ frame and lend a seductive presence to her sweet smile and angelic eyes. A vivacious Virgo, her energetic personality and charisma electrify all those who meet her.

Most famous for her work on the Import Scene, Kat is gaining more popularity and a larger fan base everyday. People just can’t seem to get enough of this Catholic college student gone go-go dancer.

Her official site contains lots of naughty nude photos of Kat and her girlfriends as well as racy full screen videos, a diary, a shop, a blog and tons of extras. It’s packed full of things to keep her fan’s fantasies fed and coming back for more.

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