Sunny Leone Twistys Treat Video Interview

It’s a sweet Treat-to-Treat encounter as November 2012 Twistys Treat is Sunny Leone is interviewed by her November 2010 counterpart Emily Addison. These two shining members of the Twistys Treat Hall of Fame share a bed for a short chat.

The 4:30 excerpt below is just a part of the entire 16-minute video in which Sunny discusses everything from how she got started in the business to what would be her pornstar Olympic event (“Boobie Skaking”). She also talks about how the now stunning brunette was (amazingly) not popular in high school, which lead to her to an “industry observation”:

How does that happen? All the unpopular girls wind up taking their clothes off for a living.

Sunny also talks a bit about her production company as well as takes the opportunity to squash a persistent rumor. “I’ll never say I’m retired from adult. So everyone who’s out there who sees those articles that say I’m retiring; that won’t ever happen.”

And aren’t we all thrilled to know that!

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