Prinzzess Twistys Treat for August 2010

Her royal hotness of the multiple monikers has been named the August 2010 Twistys Treat of the Month. In the past, the lean and lusty Prinzzess has gone by Prinzzess Izzabella, Prinzzess Sasha, and Prinzzess Sahara. Now we can add Prinzzess Felicity Jade to the mix. But she’ll always be just plain Prinzzess to us.

For such regal handles, Prinzzess is pretty much a blue-collar kind of girl. “I’m more at home under a car than getting my nails done,” she confesses. “I don’t care for shopping, unless I absolutely need something, then it’s a quick in-and-out. I’d rather be out on a farm, getting dirty, breaking horses, or gardening than shopping or doing anything you do in the city … when I’m in my hometown, my hair isn’t usually styled, I wear jeans & shirt usually.”

Back home for Prinzzess is Florida, but she did a lot of her growing up on an Amish community farm in Belize where her parents were missionaries. She is part Cherokee and part Seminole “with some Honduran and Hungarian blood” added to her multi-cultural mix.

When it comes to sex and relationships, Prinzzess like women for the fun of it and men for the serious stuff. “I started messing with girls while I was single. I like them, they don’t screw you over, nor do they expect anything. I take men seriously, I don’t like anything temporary with them. I prefer long-term even if it’s not serious. I’m not jealous at all, if I’m dating someone they are free do do what they want, usually.

“Guys gotta take it slow with me, women are a different story – if I want one I’ll go find one right then and there.”

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