Chanel Preston March 2012 Penthouse Pet BTS Video Interview

The vivacious Chanel Preston talks about being chosen as the Penthouse Pet for March 2012, her Penthouse photo and video shoots, as well as her origins in the business in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video interview. Part of a 60-minute online feature, the native Alaskan reveals a warm personality along with her sizzling curves.

When I got asked to be in the industry, I initially said ‘no’, but then I wen home and thought about it for a really long time … (fortunately) I was around people who were very much protecting me. So I was very lucky that way.

On becoming a Penthouse Pet, Chanel simply says, “I wasn’t expecting it.” But after doing some promo shoots for the magazine last Spring, it was obvious there was no way this combination of old-school glamour and raw sexuality wouldn’t be gracing a Penthouse cover.

“It’s a big thing,” admits Chanel. “Even if you’re not in the industry, everyone knows Penthouse.”

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Chanel Preston Penthouse Pet Video Interview

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