Lexi Swallow Stellar Blonde Pornstar Bares Boobs at the Window

These photos from the Babes Network of Lexi Swallow, show us exactly why she would make the perfect neighbor. This blonde beauty is putting on a show in the window that would certainly catch the attention of any man with a pulse. This pornstar really knows how to take things slow, build up the heat, and make for a seriously thrilling show!

Only half dressed, Lexi Swallow presents herself in nothing more than a black thong, stockings, and her tight striped shirt. After a quick check to see if anyone is looking, she turns around and wiggles that cute little ass of hers. Then it’s only a quick break before she’s whipping out her big plush breasts. What’s truly exciting about this beauty is that she never gets completely nude. She’s the ultimate fox, a tease if there ever was one!

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