Laly Vallade French Pet Sheds Strapped Lingerie

French beauty Laly Vallade shows off her stunning body in these pictures from Penthouse. The Penthouse Pet of the Month February 2013 is dressed up in strappy, black lingerie – looking sexy and slightly dangerous. She looks intensely into the camera, conveying a sense that this woman expects to be taken seriously. Even as she strips to reveal her beautiful naked form, starting with her amazing breasts, Laly Vallade maintains an air of reserve and mystery. She is not a woman to be toyed with.

This delicious beauty is always in control, no matter what she does, and that’s one of the things that make the Penthouse Pet so achingly sexy. There’s truly nothing hotter than a strong woman who knows her own mind and we are content to do whatever this delicious beauty tells us to do.

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