Khloë Terae 2015 Playboy CyberGirl of the Year

Khloë Terae is the Playboy CyberGirl of the Year for 2015 and she is filling up the months with a lot of high quality sexy. This unique gallery has the gorgeous blonde showing off her curves in scuba gear. She holds her flippers in one hand and lifts the pink goggles from her eyes with the other. Black bottoms hug her hips and wedge up her ample ass. A tight top is stretched across her breasts and her skin glistens as she walks through the shallow water to shore. The sun shines down on the blonde siren and seems to spotlight her as she gets naked for the camera. She uncovers her big boobs and nice butt and then gets down naked in the sand and crawls while the fine grains hold onto her damp flesh.

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