Jillian Beyor Hot Brunette Shows Ample Breasts in Baby Blue Lingerie

Jillian Beyor is a rare beauty. Her face lights up with the kind of radiant loveliness that sends men into war or inspires them to paint great works of art. Even her hair appears silken to the touch. She stands innocently posed in blue crocheted lingerie – the perfection of her body is simply breathtaking to see. Jillian Beyor is hands down, one of the most stunning creatures to ever grace Playboy.

Every inch of her is beautiful – skin that glows golden, dark tresses that frame her face, and a perky rack that is out of this world hot! You know that this is a woman who has all the class and charm to take home to mother, while also possessing all the naughty sexuality that makes her every man’s fantasy. It’s no wonder that she’s a Playboy model, and there is no doubt that we will see more of her along the way.

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