Jana Cova Petite Czech Pornstar Gets Naked Country-Style

Twistys and gorgeous Czech model Jana Cova prove that even in the country, things can get down and dirty. You might think of sin and debauchery in the city – but the country is where the naughty homegrown honeys are hiding!

Working in the yard can get hot and tiring; even in her short little top and overall shorts, this babe is about to break a sweat. There’s only one thing she knows of to cure this and that’s to ditch the threads! Good thing her place is away from people, so no one can see. The thought briefly crosses her mind – even if there were people peeking on her, the thought of someone watching got this babe excited.

Now that the blonde dish is only in her bra and panties, but this voyeurism idea playing around in her head – she decided that she had to lose the brightly colored lingerie for the chance (and thrill!) of someone seeing her perfectly sculpted bod.

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