Elizabeth Marxs December 2013 Playboy CyberGirl

Beautiful Elizabeth Marxs is one of those juicy babes that lights up any room she’s in. The tantalizing Playboy¬†Cybergirl of the Month for December 2013 is just about the best holiday present you could ask for. In purple lingerie, she is a living work of art. She possesses the face of an angel, but when you see her naughty seductiveness as she slips her clothing off, you’ll quickly see that inside beats the heart of a delicious devil.

That’s okay, though. Elizabeth Marxs is filled with the fun kind of evil. She’s the type of lady that will take you out for a night on the town that completely blows your mind. You’ll wake up the next morning with your head spinning and a big smile plastered to your face you’ll never get rid of. This vixen can give you a run for your money and leave you begging for more!

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