Christina Goins Limber Brunette Strips Zebra Striped Panties

Penthouse┬áhas got this lovely lady, Christina Goins baring it all in these erotic photos. She may be quiet out in public, but in private – she really goes wild! Her satiny blouse has it’s buttons plucked open in order to bare her perky breasts. Such sweet nude skin, you can’t help but want to reach out and caress it. Imagine that silky smooth skin under your finger tips as they traced along the outline of her body. It’s fantasies like this that will give you goosebumps once you’re back to reality!

The long necklace around her neck draws your eyes right to her chest. You can’t help but go from chain and beads to boobs. Keep following the jewelry as it heads South to where you’ll find those cute zebra panties covering up a very tasty spot. They’re soon gone and that jewel between her legs is all yours.

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