Brea Bennett Plays on the Furniture

tw-breabennett-1708-11Usually guys like us don’t like the whole “cuddle on the couch” thing. But if the lovely Brea Bennett is the cuddle-ee, well, we may have to consider rethinking our philosophy. This “…Next Pornstar” winner makes a strong case for sofa-based bonding in this series of playful pics from

In the first place, Brea is just too cute for words. Then there’s that “starts out shy and then turns into a sexual animal” part of her we’ve seen in her multitude of movies (c’mon, you’ve seen at least a few). We see a little of that in these photos. And a whole lot more in the fully uncensored gallery found at the Twistys website itself.

And .. here’s the capper .. she’s a big NASCAR fan! Now we ask you, what guy wouldn’t want to swap a little paint on the couch with a girl like this?

Brea Bennett Gallery

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