Jenny Poussin Pops Out of Movie Star Gown

Here are a couple of golden globes that we’d love to receive. French-Canadian bombshell Jenny Poussin is at her movie star finest in a floor-length form-fitting black gown that would certainly grab stares and flashbulbs on the red carpet. But this is a private screening in her own¬†fashionable¬†bedroom. And you can bet she’ll be taking home the Breast Actress Award.

Jenny strikes some sexy starlet poses – her impressive DDs pushing the bodice of the dress to the limit and creating dramatic profiles. The plot thickens as she lowers the top and raises the bottom, bringing out the fully glory of her bare chest and treasures below.

At the conclusion, Jenny lies on on the bed totally naked and proceeds to improvise with all her well-honed talents. Definitely worth a standing ovation. Don’t you just love happy endings?

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