Bree Olson Working the Streets

Man, just how over the top is this fantasy? Indiana’s own over-sexed nymphet Bree Olson all trollopped up in tight pink hotpants, a wisp of a halter top, and ripped stockings – hitting the streets for some sexy escapades. Bree was never one to shy away from her wild side, and this series of pics keeps that rep totally intact.

Leaning up against lightposts with her sweet natural breasts exposed, baring her naked ass in the middle of the street, and pulling her pants down right in the middle of the business district … Bree is working her stuff like a pro. Who wouldn’t pull up beside her and roll down the window?

Yea .. we know it’s only a fantasy. But that’s what makes sets like these so much fun. And Bree pulls it off (figuratively and literally) like a seasoned champ. Be sure to visit her website to discover all her other role-playing adventures.

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