The Babe and the Beach House

Georgia Jones Naked on the Beach
Photo Credit: Tammy Sands / VIP Area

Seth loved his new beach house. He didn’t even care that his wife got their place with the pool in the suburbs in the divorce. A private pool could never compare to a beach. All day long, hotties would frolic in bikinis that just kept getting skimpier. He would sit on his deck with his laptop in front of him and pretend to be working, when in reality, he was enjoying the view.

There was one group of girls that he noticed almost every day. Sometimes it would only be three and another day there could be as many as five. They looked to be in their early twenties and eager to celebrate being legal to drink. They were loud and obnoxious with no care for who their language or antics offended. Guys flocked to their bad behavior and judging by some of the make out sessions he saw, several were rewarded.

One afternoon, he saw one of the girls walking towards his deck. He pretended to be typing so she wouldn’t think he was a creepy staring pervert, but she had other concerns.

“Can I use your bathroom?” She had a southern accent. Not the sweet Southern Belle kind, but the kind you hear yelling for Bobby Jean to shut those dang kids up in the trailer park. “I need to pee and there ain’t never no toilet paper in the ones here.” She stared at him matter-of-fact.

Seth took in the sight of her. She was one of his favorites to watch. Her body was impossibly tight with perky little boobs and a surprisingly plump ass on her skinny frame. Her hair was long and dark and her mouth always seemed to remain slightly open.

He led her inside and showed her where the bathroom was. He walked to his kitchen to wait for her and poured himself a drink. He wanted to be sure that she didn’t steal anything.

The toilet flushed and she walked out with a look of relief on her uniquely pretty face. “Thanks.” She said with a smile as her eyes took in her surroundings and hands caressed his belongings. “I bet this place is expensive!” She didn’t seem to care if she was appropriate or not. “When I left home to move out here, I thought I’d live in a place like this, but I ended up in a crappy townhouse with roommates. Do you got a phone handy? Can you take a picture of me on your couch so I can send it to Mama?”

It was a slightly awkward request, but before Seth could reply, the girl was lounging on his sofa. He picked up his phone and took a shot of her looking quite comfortable and smiling happily. She wanted to see it and then giggled loudly as she texted it to herself.

“I am going to get a place like this one day. Julie” She pointed out the window at her group of friends, “got me set up to go do naked modeling next week with the people she works with. Not porno or nothing. Just my itty bitty titties and stuff.”

Seth let himself imagine it for a moment. “Do I get any free copies since I took your picture for your Mom?” He joked.

The girl giggled. “Heck, I’ll give you a free preview if you give me one of those beers I know you must have in your fridge!”

“Seriously?” He tried to look cool even as he sprinted to get her a drink.

She took the bottle from his hands and sat up on the sofa to take a sip. “You can say you saw my boobs before they got famous.” She teased her top open and showed herself to him. She even pressed the cold bottle to her nipples so that they’d stiffen up. “I know they’re little, but still pretty hot, right? I should still make some money!”

Seth gulped and kept his eyes on her exposure. “Oh yes, definitely.”

“You’d pay to see me naked then?” She asked.

“That is not a cheap beer and I’d keep them coming to see you.” He told her.

“Would you pay to see more?” She snapped the bikini bottoms against her hips to draw his attention. “Like I said, I don’t do the pictures until next week, but rent is coming sooner and I ain’t got the money.”

Seth was quiet. He had not expected his day to take this turn and he knew that she had probably seen him watching her for several days and decided he would be an easy target. He couldn’t decide if that bothered him or not, but he did know that he wanted to see the rest of her.

“Look, my girlfriends and I need to go, but I’ll come back tonight if you want me to.” She stood up from the couch and walked over to him with her breasts still out. “You can even take some pictures to show your friends. Oh and,” She took his hands and placed them on her bare chest. “My name is Erica by the way.”

Seth felt his blood run hot and his hands tensed up with the desire to touch her more intensely.

“So I’ll see you tonight?” She asked.

“Fuck yes.” He heard himself say before he could think about it further.

It was a long wait for night fall and made even longer by Erica not giving him an exact time. He had showered and run to the ATM. He was wearing his best cologne and had the fridge stocked with expensive beer. He didn’t know quite how much she was expecting him to pay, but he had a feeling it would be every cent well spent. He even dug out the fancy camera his wife had bought him the Christmas before she filed for divorce. He thought he might even send her a couple of the pictures as a sort of belated fuck you.

When Erica finally arrived, she let herself in. “Is this for me?” She called to him. He hurried out of his bedroom to see her drinking a beer and counting the money that had been in an envelope on the coffee table. She grinned ear-to-ear. “This will cover it.”

He probably should have been angry with her for taking it all, but before he could even open his mouth, she had opened her wrap-around dress. She stood in front of him in absolutely nothing. Just like that, she was totally naked.

“Don’t be disappointed that there was no striptease” she told him. “I ain’t done yet. They said I would also be doing videos of me playing with myself, so I thought you could record me practicing and give me pointers.”

Seth was having a hard time listening to her while also looking at her sweet naked body. He loved how her pussy was completely smooth and her nipples were barely the size of dimes. He told her that sounded like a great idea and then he got his camera ready.

Erica convinced him that outside would be best for the start. If the pictures were any good, she could use them in her portfolio. She wasn’t worried about neighbors seeing her since it was late and dark. She hoped his deck light and camera were good enough to capture her in the lighting.

She ran out to the waves and quickly soaked her body with the freezing water and then ran back up laughing. She changed her expression to one more seductive and then dropped to the sand. She rolled and crawled and let the granules cling to her naked flesh. She raised her heart-shaped ass to the night sky and positioned her pussy as though waiting to be taken from behind. She tweaked her nipples and reached between her legs to spread her lips. Seth knew that she could see how hard his dick had grown against his slacks, but he didn’t care. He watched hungrily as she fingered herself and moaned. He asked her to say his name for the video and she did. When she crawled toward him and stood to go back inside, she surprised him by running her index finger over his lips and then sliding it into his mouth. “Can you taste the sweetness of my pussy?” She whispered.

Seth sucked her finger and set down the camera. He reached forward to wrap an arm around her and grab at her ass. He pulled her tightly against his body so she could feel his erection. He then reached his other hand between her legs and slid two fingers into her wet slit. “Can you feel how hard my cock is and how well my fingers find your g-spot?” And sure enough they did. He reached deep and forward, maneuvering his fingers with determined pressure inside and against her. She gasped and trembled. He tightened his grip around her and watched her face as he made her orgasm and soak his hand.

“I ain’t no hooker.” She declared breathlessly. “I took your money, but sex wasn’t part of it.” She sounded like she was trying to convince herself, but she kissed his neck immediately after the words.

“I guess you’ll just have to let me fuck you for free then.” With that, he swooped her nude body into his arms and carried her inside. He didn’t bother with the bedroom. He threw her down on that same sofa she had posed on for her “Mama”. He took off his shirt and kicked off his pants and underwear. He got on his knees on the floor and lifted his face to her tits and sucked them hard before taking her legs over his shoulders and burying his face in her bald pussy. “You really do taste sweet.” He said when he came up for air, but soon he dove back down, licking and sucking. His actions were wet and noisy and Erica had such a firm grip on his head that her nails nearly drew blood.

Suddenly, Seth was standing. His body seemed to tower over her with his dick pointing aggressively. She moved toward it as though ready to blow him, but before she reached, he had already spun her light body around and was groping her ass. He slapped at her cheeks and wiped stray sand away and then his powerful prick was pounding into her. She was slippery bliss wrapped around him with incredible tightness. He was slamming her hard and deep while using his hands to press her hips back to meet his every move. She was screaming, but not in pain. She was whimpering too. She was making so much noise that he couldn’t hear the ocean outside.

“I got to finish you in my mouth,” She finally blurted. “I ain’t on birth control.”

Seth groaned, mildly frustrated to have to pull out, but he was quickly in ecstasy again as she gagged on him. He held her hair back and pumped into her mouth. She played with his balls and stroked with one hand until he unleashed his massive load that was too big for her to swallow whole. Some dribbled from her mouth and then joined her own juices on the Italian leather furniture. He sat weak-kneed on the sofa beside her and leaned back. She fell asleep with her face in his lap and he dozed off with one of her nipples pinched between his fingers.

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