Teasing at the Bedroom Window

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It had been over a month since Derrick touched me and though I know he’d been busy with work I have needs as well and it was getting harder and harder to ignore them. I went to the gym and got a great workout in and every muscle bound guy there was causing me to get wet and excited so I was pretty wound up by the time I was done!

I got home and headed upstairs to take a shower but found that Derrick was already in our bathroom showering. Annoyed I went over the bedroom window sighing with frustration over both my pent up sexual needs as well as being sweaty and wanting that shower in the worst way. I pushed the curtain aside and stared in deep thought about what I was going to do about my situation when I noticed the man across the street watching me from his window. I smiled mischievously and knew instantly this was just what I needed right about now, plus who was I to be a prude, so I decided to put on a little show for him, hopefully relieving myself as well in the process.

I looked over at the bathroom door behind which I knew my husband was taking a shower and wouldn’t be long. I bit my bottom lip in excitement knowing I could potentially get caught, which seemed to fuel my fire as I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, turned to the side and pulled it open exposing my breasts. I slowly unhooked and removed my bra, letting it fall and then I ran my fingers down over top of my nipples and gave them both quite a pull causing them to become hard and erect and stroking them gently for several minutes. I then traced my fingers down my stomach and unzipped my pants, wiggling my hips just a little causing them fall to the floor and stepped out of them. I wondered to myself if the neighbor was enjoying watching the show as much as I was enjoying putting it on for him. I swung my hips in a small circular dance like motion and spun around slowly removing my panties next revealing my firm bare behind to him.

I spun back around and put one leg up on the window sill and reached my hand down between my legs and moaned as I rubbed my throbbing pussy. I moaned even harder after inserting first one, then two, and then all of my fingers up inside myself and I was now absolutely dripping wet. If only he could feel what I was feeling right now. My hand movements picked up pace as I pleasured myself with my hand, thrusting it in and out of my pussy vigorously staring down at my peeping Tom across the street the whole time. I spread my pink pussy open and in fast back and forth motions I gave myself the most amazing almost crippling orgasm and my legs almost buckled under me as I squirmed and cried out cumming for what felt like several minutes. I stood bracing myself up against the window frame and caught my breath for a moment and it was just then that the shower turned off! I knew my husband would be out momentarily so I smiled at my friendly neighbor/audience while I placed each finger in my mouth cleaning them all individually. I then blew him a kiss, closed the curtains and headed into the bathroom to go clean up hoping my husband didn’t hear me crying out during the orgasm! I took my shower feeling relieved and satisfied and wondered if peeping neighbor might be an answer to help me with my sexual needs as I fantasized about putting on another show for him while the warm water rushed down my body.

H.M. Christi

H.M. Christi

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