Exhibitionists on River Street

Brooke Strips Naked Outdoors
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The lights going out on River Street had the huge crowd of St. Patrick’s Day party-goers swarming to watch the tornado warnings on the projection screens. Paul and I were less inclined to join the concerned mass. We opted instead to find a secluded spot and check the weather on his fancy cell phone.

We sat on the bricks surrounding a flowerbed and facing the river. There were large equipment trucks and vendor vans behind us blocking the chaos completely from our sight, though we could still hear the craziness.

“I didn’t get any beads.” I said.

“Do you want me to steal some off a passed out drunk when we head back to the car?” Paul joked and I laughed.

“Come on.” We heard a woman’s voice “Over here looks good.” She came from around one of the vans and walked to the railing overlooking the water. A man followed her like a puppy dog.

She was a short, skinny Asian lady with a perfect bob-style haircut, wearing a skimpy green dress with Lucite heels fit for a stripper. He looked more boyish than manly. He was tall, scrawny and pale with a blonde crew- cut that gave away that he was military.

The wind picked up and he placed an arm around her in a protective gesture, but he looked very unsure.

“This weather is wild!” She declared. “I come here every year and this is the first time anything like this has happened!”

“Are you okay?” He asked.

She grinned. “I’m not going to let some silly blackout ruin my trip. I think my boyfriend is going to ask me to marry him and he isn’t going to want me coming out here anymore. This might be my last St. Patty’s in Savannah. I’m going to make damn sure it’s a good one! Chris thinks I’m in Atlanta visiting my sister. I even bought these shoes with his money!”

His hand jerked away. “You have a boyfriend?”

“Oh, don’t worry. He isn’t here and he’ll never know.” She leaned back against the railing and pulled his oversize shirt to bring him closer to her. “You want to have fun don’t you?”

“Yeah” His voice was soft. “Yeah I want to have fun.” He lowered his head closer to hers.

“Good” She stuck out her tongue and flicked it against his lips, which parted in obedient anticipation. They kissed heavily. She held onto his neck and his hands moved awkwardly trying to decide where an appropriate place would be.

Paul and I looked at each other and rolled our eyes at the display. “How’s the weather look now?” I asked. I had used a tone loud enough to let them know that they were not alone. The woman giggled and waved, but didn’t seem to care.
Paul turned his attention to his phone to see if tornadoes were still a concern. He read the warning message out loud, but I was only half-listening. I was distracted by the couple’s continued kissing even though they knew that we could see them. I was even more surprised that she was encouraging its progression.

She moved the deep scoop-style neck of her dress to the sides and exposed her small breasts. Her many strands of green beads rested against the creamy skin between them.

My eyes widened and I nudged at Paul to look. We both sat in quiet disbelief for a moment.

“Go ahead.” She gave her breasts and beads a little shake for her lover. “Don’t be shy” She cooed. He took them in his hands and lowered his head to suck on the nipples.

“Holy crap.” I mumbled. “Um, maybe we should go.” Paul was feeling just as awkward as I was. “Yeah.” We both took one more look before getting to our feet and readying to leave.

“Oh no, don’t go!” We heard the woman call to us. We don’t mean to chase you out of here. You were here first. We won’t be here long. I’d feel bad if we made you leave.” She faced us. “My name is Noel and this is…” She waited for her companion to say his name.

“Bobby.” He answered insecurely.

Noel looked at him and smiled. She extended her hand to shake his. “Nice to meet you Bobby. That’s a cute name.” He blushed and she took his hand. “Tonight is about fun. It’s okay for them to stay isn’t it Bobby?”

He looked almost eager to have us witness his experience, knowing that his friends would never believe it happened to him. Bobby nodded. “Sure, sure. Yeah stay. It’s cool.” He straightened his back and reached to fondle one of her bare breasts to prove his masculinity.

“Please sit back down” Noel pleaded. “I’m too selfish for us to leave this great spot, but I’d feel bad if you went. Bobby here is still a virgin and this is his big chance. I’ve never had sex with a virgin before.” She patted his embarrassed cheek. “You don’t want to ruin that for him do you?”

Paul and I looked at each other with what the hell is happening expressions and sat back down. We both looked at his cell phone feeling awkward and not knowing what else to do.

A moment later Noel was giggling again and we looked up to see that she and Bobby were making out even heavier than before. Bobby was sitting on the bricks of another flowerbed and she was on his lap. “Bite it” she said and pushed a nipple to his face. He took it in his teeth and pinched. “Ouch!” She took it away and put her hand over it.

Bobby looked concerned. “I’m sorry.”

“Do the other one now” She pushed it to him and he looked relieved.

I felt Paul move closer to me. He put his arm around my waist. I rested my hand on his thigh.

Noel had Bobby’s shirt unbuttoned and was running her tongue all over his chest.

Paul and I gave each other a light squeeze. Our eyes still on the couple, our hands started to slide. I rubbed at his erection through the khaki of his pants and he ventured under the fabric of my flowing skirt. I unzipped him and slid my hand inside. I guided his hand into my panties and used my other hand to begin stroking him. Then we looked at each other and turned our bodies so that we could kiss. He moved his free hand to cup one of my breasts and began a massage.

“That’s the spirit!” Noel called to us.

Paul and I froze for a moment realizing what we were doing and debating internally over whether or not to continue.

Fuck me Bobby. Take me to railing and fuck me with your dick deep inside. I want you to cum on my pretty shoes.”

I stroked Paul faster and felt his fingers slide inside of me. I exhaled.

“Pull my thong down” Noel was holding onto the railing and bent forward. Her tiny dress had ridden up. “With your teeth.”
Bobby did as he was told and Noel was completely exposed. As he made to stand back up, she corrected him. “Not so fast sailor boy. I want you to eat it.”

As aroused as we were, Paul and I both stopped and held our breath to see what the virgin would do. On his knees, he was facing directly at her slit. Then he extended his tongue and licked, then licked again and kept licking before finally dipping his tongue inside of her as we watched.

“Oh hell” Paul groaned. He reached into his pants and brought his erection completely out. He placed my purse in front of it so that Noel and Bobby couldn’t see the view.

“Spank it!” Noel demanded as Bobby continued tasting her. He slapped at her cheeks.

“Baby, please go down on me” Paul wiped his thumb over a drizzle of pre-cum.

I got onto all fours on the brick and licked the drizzle off. My tits were pushing against his thigh and my ass was up in the air. I took his head into my mouth and circled it with my tongue then tightened my lips around his shaft. I began bobbing my head. He returned his fingers to below the waist of my long skirt and again, I felt them slide inside.

“Now on your feet boy” Noel instructed Bobby. He stood and wiped his mouth. She turned to him and took out his cock. “Now let’s see if you know how to work this thing.” She returned to her previous position and reached behind her to lead his dick into her moist hole. “Now hold onto my hips and pound like a porn star”.

I watched his thrusts as I was going down on Paul and my pussy was getting increasingly juicy. I watched his nuts hit up against her and I cupped Paul’s in instinctual reaction.

“Oh God” I heard Paul say.

Noel’s B cups and beads bounced with every pound. The wind rustled her once-perfectly styled hair. She moaned through bared teeth while keeping her stilettos firmly grounded.

“Get the condom out of your wallet”. I said before pushing my face down again. Paul didn’t hesitate. I sat up and helped him put it on. I pulled off my panties and stuffed them in my purse. Facing away from him, I lowered my well-lubricated self down. He grunted and I gasped.

The lights were still out on River Street and we could still hear the crowd somewhere in the background. But Paul and I were too caught in the moment to care.

We continued watching Bobby pushing and pulling himself into and out of Noel. I tried bouncing on Paul in matched rhythm. I saw Noel looking at me and smiling. For a moment, our eyes caught and we watched each other. Bobby seemed too amazed at being inside of a woman to remember we were there.

Noel looked away from me. “On my shoes. On my shoes”. She reminded.

Paul was helping rock my hips and I could tell that he too was ready to explode.

Bobby pulled out and held his slippery cock downward. He shot his milky load on her ankles and heels. Once emptied, he leaned forward to put his head on her back. He was smiling but looked like he might cry.

Paul wrapped his arms tightly around me and rested his face on my shoulder. I felt his breath hot against me as he came.

Taking tissues from her bag, Noel cleaned herself and leaned against her lover. “Take these. ” She handed him her thong. “To remember tonight”.

“I just need a little more”. I spoke longingly to Paul.

He reached his hand down into my skirt again and began circling my clit with his fingers as his erection relaxed inside of me. He increased his pace and I felt ecstasy as orgasm came and I washed over him.

Neither of us tried moving away or pretending modesty as Noel and Bobby approached us.

She walked over to me and smiled. She took a few strands of beads from around her neck and brought them down over my head. Then she kissed me on my lips. “You earned ‘em Honey”

“Wait” I said and grabbed her arm. Still on Paul’s lap, I pulled her back to me. I reached into the scooped-neck of her dress and squeezed her pert breasts together. I moved my face forward and ran my tongue over them, before giving each a quick bite. She gave a surprised and pleasured sound. I removed my hands and fixed her dress. “Now I’ve earned them.”

We smiled at each other in a way that only women can.

Then she took Bobby’s hand and ran back out to the crowd.

We heard a band start playing and the crowd cheering as the lights came back on River Street.

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