Designing Desire

sex-w_960x540_2John stood in the doorway watching as Nadia bent forward to take off her high heels. She was wearing a loose top and he could see right down it to her pretty floral pattern bra and the perky tits it contained.

“Need some help?” He asked her.

Nadia startled at his voice, then looked at him and smiled. “Hey John. I thought you gave the crew the weekend off.” She opened a ladder that had been leaning against the wall.

“I did.” He answered. “But the fixtures for the hall finally came in and I wanted to be sure to have them up by the time the Garrett’s get in tomorrow. It won’t take me long to do. What are you doing here?”

“Finishing touches on the bedrooms and the master bath.” She moved her long side-swept bangs from in front of her eyes. “What do you think so far?”

John eyed the room and nodded in approval. Nadia was a talented interior designer and the few houses he had worked with her on so far had come along nicely. “Everything looks good, but what’s with the mirrors?” He pointed to the closets leading from bedroom to bathroom.

“Ugh. So not my choice” She sighed in disapproval. “It’s what the clients wanted though, so if they want ugly mirrored doors, then ugly mirrored doors they shall have.” She stepped barefoot on the ladder and moved up a couple of rungs. Her tight gray leggings hugged the perky curve of her ass perfectly. She peered over her shoulder at him. “And now this thing.” She reached to the ceiling to test the strength of a swivel hook that was installed there. “Can you hand me that please?” She pointed to a large leather object on the floor.

“Sure.” John handed it to her to hang. “What is it?”

“Something for Barbara’s back. Frank said she needs it and this is where he wants it to hang. Right in front of these darn mirrors. It unhooks though, so they can stash it in the closet if they don’t want to look at it.” There was an audible click as object attached to hardware and Nadia climbed the short distance back to the floor and moved the ladder out of the way. She stood back with her hands on her hips, looking at the swing hanging from the ceiling.

sex-w_960x540_5John was quiet for a moment and then moved forward to inspect the contraption. “For her back? Are you sure?”

“That’s what Frank said.” She walked up to join him. “I’m not really sure how it works. Hmm…” She sat on it and then began experimenting with the straps. “I can’t tell if you’re supposed to be face up or face down in this thing.” She placed her feet in what appeared to be stirrups and started rocking lightly while holding onto two more straps and leaning back against another.

John smirked and then began laughing. “I think either way can work and I bet it relaxes a lot more than Barb’s back!” His face was red and the laughter louder.

Nadia stopped swinging and cocked her head to the side in confusion. A moment later it hit her and she jumped up. “Oh God! A sex swing? The Garrett’s are planning to use this for sex? Ugh! That is a picture I do NOT need in my head.” She gave an exaggerated shake of disgust then offered a little laugh of her own. “You didn’t seem to have any trouble figuring out what it is, Perv!” She pushed on his shoulder playfully.

“Not from experience unfortunately. Monica was never that much fun.” He shrugged off the thought of his ex. “Frank and Barb may be old, but at least they keep it exciting.” He smirked again. “And now you know why they wanted the mirrors!”

Nadia’s eyes grew wide at the realization. “They like to watch themselves too, I guess. And it swivels! Gross. They are older than my parents!”

“Hey, nothing wrong with old people getting it on. They are probably getting more action from each other than most of the twenty-somethings like you. Definitely more than the almost-forties like me.”

Nadia sat in it again and played with the multiple straps. “They can’t figure out how to send an email or a text message, but they know how to use this. Incredible.”

John got close to Nadia and bent over her. She could smell his cheap after shave. She caught herself blushing as he took her slender wrist and slid it through an opening and then repeated with the other one. “There. I think that is how you are supposed to hold it.” He took a look and nodded the same way he did when taking measurements. “And I think you are supposed to have the bottom one more under your thighs than your butt.” He rubbed his chin while considering.

Nadia felt a warmth spreading over her body and she was surprised at herself. She had never thought of John in any way outside of work, yet she was suddenly curious about him. She wondered if his hands could work her body as well as she saw them handling tools every day. Her heart beat faster at the thought. Nadia wiggled backwards as he had suggested and then braced her feet in the stirrups and spread her legs. “Like this?” She asked.

John saw the way that she was looking directly into his eyes and he definitely saw the way her limbs were parted and her tits thrust forward due to the placement of the back strap. He couldn’t tell if she was asking out of bold curiosity or if she was giving him an invitation. He hadn’t been with anyone since Monica left and he wasn’t sure if he was reading the signs right. He felt like he might begin to sweat, but instead, he pushed his nervousness aside and knelt in front of her to adjust her ankles in the straps in much the same way that he had done with her wrists. “Like that.” He said.

sex-w_960x540_8They were both quiet and a moment later, John realized that he was still holding one of her feet. He also realized that she hadn’t pulled away. He turned his face to hers and slowly began massaging her smooth soles. “You have very pretty feet.” He said bravely.

“Thank you.” She replied as the reality of what was happening sunk in. “Mmm” she offered as he took the other foot in his other hand and massaged both.

John continued looking at her face, studying her expressions. He had lost all fear now and was fully fueled by his desire. His strong hands moved from feet to ankles and then to calf. Nadia stared at him with wide eyes and parted lips. He worked his way to her thighs, the soft cotton of the leggings occasionally catching on his callused fingertips. Only then did he look away from her face. His gaze turned to her crotch and his dick grew rock hard. He moved his left hand to hold her hip and then used his right thumb to press against the seam of her pants that was right on her pussy. Nadia gasped and he rubbed firmer, feeling how hot she grew at his massaging. He then used both hands to grip her slim hips and pull her forward to his face. He rubbed himself against the moist spot and breathed in her scent. He opened his mouth against the leggings and tasted the aroused juices seeping through. Her feet pressed into his shoulders and she whimpered.

He looked up at her and smiled but her head was back and her eyes were closed. He crept upward, his hands sliding under her shirt and his tongue trailing behind them. Her oversize top allowed his whole head to fit underneath. His hands pulled down her bra and his mouth quickly latched on to one of her extremely stiff nipple tips. As he pinched her with his teeth, he sank a hand into her panties and dipped a finger into her slippery pussy. She writhed and began to swing, so he used his other hand to hold her steady. He savored the experience of tasting the breasts that he had so often appreciated from a distance.

When he finally couldn’t take it any longer, he rose to his feet and took off his shirt. Nadia couldn’t help but smile as she watched him undo his belt. She wanted to run her fingers through his chest hair and hold his bulging prick in her hand while guiding it into herself.

John pushed his pants down to his boots, but didn’t bother removing them. His erection was shown strong and confident and Nadia found herself even more turned on by the sight of it so ready to fuck her. She opened her mouth to speak, but before a single word could be said, John spun the swing around so that she was facing away from him. He reached down for her top and pulled it over her head, helping her wrists out of the straps to get it off and then putting them back in again. Her bra was left on, but her B-cup breasts were out over the cups.

She leaned her head back to look at him, her shoulder length black locks tickling against his pubic hair. He bent down and kissed her, inserting his tongue into her mouth and then he retreated. Before she could reposition, he took her head firmly in his hold and guided it to his cock. Nadia thrust her legs forward and began rocking slightly as she sucked him and his balls hit her forehead.

sex-w_960x540_12Once she started gagging, he let her come up for air, saliva dripping off his dick. Her eyes were slightly watery and face a little flush, but there was no mistaking her hunger for more. “Take my pants off.” She demanded breathlessly. John spun her around again and did as she asked. “Now turn me just a little more because I want to be able to watch.” She told him. He again did as she wanted.

He looked over her fully nude figure and let the realization that he was about to fuck a sexy 26 year-old who wasn’t his wife sink in. He grinned and then pulled the swing in with one hand while holding his throbbing rod in the other and touching the head to the slippery heat of her pink lips. He placed both hands on her ass then and guided himself forward and plunged in to her tight slit.

He raised her upward as he drove deeply. She threw her head backward to watch the explicit reflection. One pump after another and he felt the blissful ache inside of him building. He felt her muscles contract around his shaft and they both watched her face flush with orgasm as she let out a throaty moan and her liquid bathed him. His soaked cock increased the intensity of the thrusting until he burst and his whole body shuddered with the release. His cum flowed fiercely out of him and into her. He kept his cock inside as he brought his torso forward to rest on hers and he gave her little breasts a final caress before having to detach.

Try to beat that, Frank and Barbara!

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