Leilani Lee

Leilani Lee is a very attractive (and very smart) newcomer to the adult modeling business. She is the youngest of five children and the first to be born in the United States. Her family originally immigrated from Thailand to South Dakota, but eventually settled in California where Leilani continues to work and prosper. She originally got into the business behind the camera as a makeup artist, but one of her photographer clients asked her to do a few test shots. And the rest, as they say, is history. Today, Leilani maintains a vigorous modeling schedule which puts her buff 36-25-36 body in front of the camera for all the usual suspects, such as Maxim and others.

In addition to her modeling work, Leilani as runs her own graphic arts company and develops mobile apps. Like we said: very smart. When she has some precious free time, Leilani tries to make the most of it. “I like to spend my free time being active.” she says. “Shopping is fun, but nothing beats the outdoors running, hiking and paragliding.”

Leilani has many interests which always keeps her on her toes mentally. She offers, “For anyone who wants to know whats in my head .. at some time or another, stuff that interests me … meditation, Buddhism, astral projection, UFOs, alternative energy, Nanotechnology, parachuting, Sushi, healthcare, 2012, Thai Laos food…” And that’s the short list.

As for her future, Leilani want to get the most out of everything the world has to offer, while still helping others. “My goal in life is to build a business that will work for me so I can spend my life traveling and dedicating my life to philanthropy.”

Editor’s Note: Leilani’s site is no longer available.

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