Valerie Cormier One-on-One Video Interview

New Hampshire hottie Valerie Cormier is very excited to be posing for Playboy and to be in bed being interviewed.

The attention is immediately drawn to Valerie’s eye-popping breasts and she doesn’t shy away from the attention. Her huge D cups are impossible not to notice and she is quite pleased to show them. The questions become more intimate and when Valerie is asked about her juiciest sexual fantasy, she gets quiet. You can see that she is enjoying the naughty thoughts but she says it is too dirty to say on camera.

Busty Valerie admits that she has started finding herself attracted to women as well as men. She says she has not been physical with a girl yet, but is open to it in the future. When asked what she most enjoys in the bedroom, Valerie says that a guy going down on her is her favorite. She loves when he uses his mouth as well as his hands and she even welcomes toys.

If all of that wasn’t already sexy enough, it is revealed that Ms. Cormier is also highly flexible. When asked to demonstrate, she obliges by lifting a limber leg easily up to her ear. She then blows a kiss to the camera.

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Valerie Cormier Video Interview


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