Sheena Stiles Intimate Video Interview

pbb-sheenastiles04Sheena Stiles has never done this before. She admits that the Playboy shoot had her a bit nervous, but it turned out to be a good experience and really fun. Now you get to witness her first time.

The busty brunette is a California girl who owns her own tanning salon and will soon be opening her own online fashion boutique. To top it all off, the 36-24-34 bombshell is also a proud mom and giggles as she refers to herself as a MILF.

Sheena’s killer body is just as impressive as her achievements as she sits perched on the bed in her little dress, happily spilling personal information about her sexy life.

Sheena says that once she is in a relationship, she’s willing to do anything at all to please her man. He had better be tough though as she enjoys it rough. She gives more detail about her sexual preferences in the interview and is sure to have you imagining just how wild she can get. But don’t go thinking that this uninhibited hottie is up for one-nighters. You have to earn the kinky side of Sheena’s affection. She says that she won’t do any more than kiss on the first date.

To get all of the juicy info on this tantalizing babe, check out the video. To get a great view of the juicy body, take a lingering look at the gallery that follows.

Sheena Stiles Interview

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