Jessica Joy Video Interview

pbb-jessicajoy03Jessica Joy crawls into bed for a revealing video interview for Playboy.

The buxom brunette vixen is from Southern California, but flew to Miami, Florida for the shoot. It’s her first time there as well as her first time posing for Playboy.

Jessica is bright eyed and all smiles as she speaks very clearly answering the questions that she is asked. She claims to be shy, but there is no denying that she radiates confidence.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys boating and cooking. She also likes adventurous men who can coax her into trying new things. She admits a weakness for men in police or firefighter uniforms and says that if the mood is right, she will definitely kiss on the first date. She also confides that chocolate cake can help get her to that point.

She goes on to reveal why she believes kissing is important, when she would be willing to give a private dance and even reveals her favorite position.

Watch the video below to learn more about this lovely model and then scroll down to the gallery to check out that hot body as it comes out of her bikini.

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Jessica Joy Interview

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