Tiffany Thompson Lean Brunette Steps out of Sheer Leotard

The fascinating thing (well, one of many) about Tiffany Thompson is that for someone so deliciously  thin, this sexy brunette always makes us hungry for more. And no matter how much we take in, we always have room for more. VIP photographer Tammy Sands also recognizes a tasty dish when she sees one:

Tiffany Thompson is about to make your day by doing something that only she can do… be Tiffany. That’s right, her long legs, tight body, perfect breasts, and kissable lips make her the recipe for a good time right out of the box. Her warm skin rubbing agains that soft fuzzy rug must have triggered the right spots, because Tiffany was more then eager to get down to action. Another day of being incredibly hot and sexy, that’s so Tiffany.

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