Susana Spears Euro Hottie Flaunts Her Curves

Slender and slinky Susana Spears carries that air of Eastern European sensuality about her. In this Twistys exclusive gallery, the auburn-haired vixen with the piercing eyes is dressed as a sexy preppy – wearing a light chartreuse tanktop and belted miniskirt. But not for long.

Check out the way Susana knows just how to angle her lean, athletic body for maximum effect. We especially like the enticing way she positions her legs while still wearing the skirt – kind of a combination of mail order catalog and nudie mag.

Exposing her perfect natural breasts, Susana indicates she may not be a “proper” preppy, but definitely one we prefer. Then again, maybe all preppies from Prague are like that. Sure would make those afternoon teas more fun.

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