Sunny Leone Sizzles in Sexy Green Mesh Bikini

The swimsuit market is such a booming industry. Every year there’s new designs and patterns and everyone wants to be wearing what’s in style. Sunny Leone and Bikini Riot have taken a little bit of a different approach to swim suits this summer. They’ve decided that yes, a nice looking suit is great, but at the same time you don’t want to completely hide what’s underneath.

Sunny has on this see through number that gives you a taste of that heavenly body of hers. The neon green mesh is bright enough to bring your eyes in, but it’s her wonderful large round breasts that keeps them there! She’s proud of all that hard work she puts in at the gym and what better way to be noticed for it.

As the temperature rises under the sun, this dark haired babe strips it all off, pressing her nude body against her floating pool chair. That warm plastic heats her up and now she knows she’s going to get the perfect suntan sans tan lines.

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