Sultry Blonde Thea Takes a Bathroom Break

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. But  the lovely Thea doesn’t always head out to the ladies’ only to answer nature’s call. Just as often it’s to respond to her more carnal yearnings. Another Wet and Puffy Eastern European discovery, Thea hits the loo to tinker with her tinklier – if you catch our drift.

The slender blonde plays a bit with her magenta lingerie ensemble – including some hefty panty pulls before getting dowm to serious business. The website’s editors give us some background:

The Czech Republic is home to many beautiful women, but Thea is surely among the cream of the crop, with perky and full C cup boobies … This sweet 20 year-old is the nicest girl you’re ever going to meet, but … you wouldn’t believe half the things this naughty girl does behind closed doors …

Once Thea has set the mood for herself, she makes the scene a bit more intimate with the help of some candles. She doesn’t light them, but uses them to ignite her internal fires. Check out Wet and Puffy for the comprehensive and highly explicit details.

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