Renee Perez Damsel in Distress

sz-reneeperez-3455-06It’s gonna be one of those days. Renee Perez is driving the old family truck when, sure enough, the jalopy breaks down right in the middle of friggin’ East Nowhere. Her cell is getting no signal, so of course she can’t call for help. Now Renee knows nothing about truck repair, but this exclusive¬† photo gallery shows how the resourceful sexy brunette is able to get the help she needs.

First, she pops open the hood of the truck, then pops the top of her blouse in hopes that her own tanned headlights will be able to signal the emergency flash to bring the aid she needs. In no time, Renee is down to just her belt and boots – her own naked bodywork in full view for any would-be savior mechanic.

Won’t anyone rescue this girl? Need directions?

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