Rachel Roxxx Hot for Teacher

Okay everyone, take your seats. Ms. Rachel Roxxx is about to drop some knowledge on you. Today’s lesson is entitled: “Hey, get a load of these.” From the 100-image gallery found at Twistys.com, this exclusive photo series shows the award-winning pornstar illuminating all us inquisitive students on the ins and outs of her Grade A body.

Class starts with a little panty peek while Ms. Rachel goes over some light book-learnin’. Once the basics are set, she moves onto more up close and personal demonstrations – which consist of proving that a whopping set of D-cups and an full round booty has a direct correlation to the amount the increased heartrate to all but the sexually dead.

We certainly hope you were taking notes. All of this will be on the test. Fortunately, you can bring all the photos to use as source material.

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