Priya Rai Seduces Hubby In His Dreams

We’ve all been there, right? Come home after a long, hard day. Mentally worn out. All we want is a little attention. And what are we greeted with? Nada. Cold shoulders and frozen dinners. It’s like, if weren’t for a rich imagination, we’d have no sex life at all. Okay, maybe a little TMI there, but you get the point. That’s the setup for this Naughty America American Daydreams scene where Indian porn princess Priya Rai is just too busy for her horny and hungry husband. As the story goes:

Christian comes home from a long hard day at the office and is greeted by silence. He heads to the kitchen and his wife Priya is busy working on some documents … He inquires about dinner, and she throws a TV Dinner at him. Disappointed, he stares at the ceiling and dreams about a different scenario – where his wife greets him at the door, gives him a big kiss, sits him down in the kitchen, has a nice steak dinner … after he is done eating, she is waiting in their bed with some sexy lingerie and …

Wow. Daydreaming sure comes in handy sometimes. Especially when you can fantasize about the sensual Priya Rai giving up all her busty treasures and sexual desires. Check out the complete uncensored photo gallery and uncut 29-minute video at Almost better than the real thing. Almost.

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