Nina Devon Hot Ebony Dish With A Side of Freaky

It’s always the girls with the sweetest looks who are the wildest. Why is that? Pornstar Nina Devon is no exception. Oh sure, in these samples from her exclusive Penthouse photo gallery, she’s all cute and playful doing pinup-style striptease on a green leather sofa. But give her a few minutes more (for Penthouse members only), and you’ll see her freaky side come pouring out.

Should some as no surprise. If you saw any of her adult films, such as Not the Cosbys XXX and Blackmoon Risin’ 9, you quickly found out how free-wheeling and sexually insatiable she is.

But it’s nice to know she can still reel it in and be a calm, yet still sexy nymphet chilling out on the couch. At least for a few minutes anyway.

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