Nikki Sexx Hot Blonde in Green Tank Top Flaunts Big Boobs

Blonde babe Nikki Sexx is looking hot in these Penthouse pics. They’ve got a retro 70s vibe to them as she stands there lookin’ fine with her feathered hair and disco ball hanging above her head. But she’s putting her own twist on the theme, by going pantyless. This minx is letting those black lace leggings hug every curve, every nook and cranny of her most intimate areas. She smirks, knowing that you’re trying to catch a peek, but she wants your attention back upstairs. Nikki Sexx tugs her top down, letting a breast pop out from underneath. She can’t help but caress herself. She loves having her hands all over her body. It’s no surprise that she ditches her top entirely and starts fondling those sweet boobies.

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