Natalie Moore Flexible Pornstar Strips and Stretches

Natalie Moore is a flexible firecracker ready to show off her bendy talents for you through the Cherry Pimps photography. She doesn’t get right to it though. First, she struts around in a corset and bright panties. She lets you take in the sight of the sexy apparel against her creamy white skin as her straw blonde hair hangs loosely down, framing her face and tickling at her back. From there, she removes her top. She opens it up and pulls it away so that her soft busty boobs can sway hypnotically in front of you. It is then that the skills begin. She positions herself on the sofa, contorting her body into pretzel-like shapes with her legs behind her head and her face smiling just above her pussy. She then takes off her panties and crab walks naked over the floor. Impressive!

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