Michelle Burns Secretarial Striptease

ot-michelleburns-6919-11When Only Tease has a Casual Day at the office, they mean casual. Seems no one told the new girl, Michelle Burns, about it though. She’s way overdressed compared to everyone else’s relaxed attire. No worries though. Michelle is way too willing to fit right in.

Gotta say, that black business suit with the magenta blouse does look great on her. Save it for the board meetings. Today, it’s all about getting comfy. Michelle makes herself a bit more comfortable first getting out of the jacket, then way more comfortable by taking off her skirt. First surprise: her panties match her blouse.

Michelle gets completely carried away by exposing her perky breasts so it’s just her pantyhose and panties left as she lies back on her desk in a final relaxing semi-nude pose.

Here’s an idea. Let’s make every day Casual Day!

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