Lux Kassidy Blonde Glamour Girl in Satin, Lace, and Nylons

The lighting in these images for Danni’s Hard Drive┬áplays perfectly off of the radiant blonde beauty of Lux Kassidy. The vibrant model would look like an absolute angel if not for all of the naughty things she does.

Lux fingers the beads of her necklace while making erotic glances at the lens. She spins around to show her back and butt to the camera as she unfastens her bra and welcomes her beautiful breasts to freedom.

Lux slaps her sweet derriere and turns again. This time she faces the camera and strips off her underwear to deliver full frontal. With black stockings worn up to her thighs, she invokes her sensual side. Best of all, she does it with her best bits exposed!

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