Lucia Tovar Maid to Order

rd-luciatovar-0336-05Columbian pinup cutie Lucia Tovar loves role-playing games. Loves to dress up in costume. Rascal Dog features one of our favorite photo sets: Lucia Tovar, the stripteasing maid. It’s an old-school fantasy to be sure, but who said there was anything wrong with old-school? Especially the way this busty Latina breathes new life into it.

Lucia gets all spread out on the floor in her French maid lingerie, and does her slow peel. When she gets completely naked, she assumes a cat-like posture and goes on the prowl. And we don’t think she’s looking for dust-bunnies. In fact, Lucia Tovar is definitely not the scullery maid type at all. This is an upstairs maid all the way.

Lucia Tovar Gallery

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