Kristy Dwyer Denim Bikini Babe

fb-kristydwyer-01-05Who says you can’t wear jeans at the pool? Kristy Dwyer and her blue denim bikini look just fine to us. Fit Bodzz offers an amazing series of photos that perfectly capture this bronzed and buff blonde just as the sun is going down.

Kristy is a former Miss Caribbean Tan International champion as well as a USA Bikini Team alumnus and it certainly shows in these pics. Her indigo two-piece swimwear provides an ideal contrast against her cut, tanned, all-natural body.

It’s crystal clear that Kristy and skimpy bikinis were made for each other. And as the sun sets on this incredible example of womanhood, we can’t wait until the next sunrise in hopes we can see Kristy by the pool once again.

Kristy Dwyer Gallery

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