Kristin Candy Golden Goddess of Sexuality

At the base of an iron spiral staircase stands a golden goddess: the bright, brilliant, and busty Kristin Candy. Shimmering in a metallic gold wrap and matching necklace for, both bring full attention to her large breasts and her overall heavenly countenance.

We could go on and on about this high priestess of pure sexuality, but the Foxes editors have said everything we were going to:

This girl is simply one of the most amazing models we’ve seen. It’s unusual just to be able to look at a girl’s face and get turned on. With Kristin it’s so easy. We think it’s her eyes – so seductively innocent and inviting. Then as you look further you see these huge breasts, fit body, tight fanny and excellent legs. What’s not to like here?

Not a single freakin’ thing. We worship all of the above.

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