Krista Ayne Feature Penthouse Pet

Krista Selected as the April 2006 Penthouse Pet of the Month, Krista Ayne is a sexy model boasting very ample curves of 34C-25-36.

Among her favorites, Krista lists rock music, Italian food, and “anything chocolate, from martinis to milkshakes.

The most remarkable sexual experience I ever had was when my boyfriend and I started to have sex to his record. I was so turned on by listening to his music that we had sex for hours,” she says.

From her pictorial, Krista’s ideal man wouldn’t have to be a specific age or have a specific occupation. However, he would have to be very goal oriented and take pride in whatever he does. In addition, she says she would also want him to be very confident, without being conceited. He must be considerate of others and always up for an exciting adventure. Sounds reasonable.

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