Kirsten Andrews Sexy at Dusk

fb-kirstenandrews-01-06Kirsten Andrews is a Texas girl with a body made for those Gulf Coast beaches. Why she moved to typically sun-starved Seattle, we’ll never know. But Fit Bodzz brings her back to more sunny climes, the US Southwest, sporting a white teeny bikini poolside during a picture postcard quality panoramic desert sunset.

With her bronze tan illuminated against the impending darkness, Kirsten teases the photographer with several “almost revealing” poses. It seems she is very familiar with every millimeter of her lean body and knows precisely where to stop to elicit maximum enticement from any lookers on.

So as the sun sets behind the cactus and desert flowers, Kirsten gives one last parting shot to the warmth of this locale before heading back up to the drizzly Northwest. We sure hope she knows what she’s doing.

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