Jenny Poussin Big Boobs Wrapped in Silver

It’s hard to imagine that sexy Jenny Poussin was once an elementary school teacher in Montreal. Fathers from all over The City of Saints must have been volunteering for parent conferences (“That’s okay, honey, I’ll go. You just stay home and relax.”). It was Jenny herself though that finally smartened up: if you got it, flaunt it. So lesson plans were replaced with skimpy outfits – like shown here from

Wearing only a silver banded top with matching miniskirt and boots, Jenny reveals her amazing breasts along with the rest of her well-honed body. The editors at Foxes have been educated to the charms of this Grade A beauty for some time:

This girl is super amazing. Those extremely large round breasts, those amazingly fit legs, that super fine fitness fanny … This set of photos shows Jenny just as we’d love to see her out somewhere. That top she’s got covers her nipples; but that’s it. The whole bottom part of her breasts are in full view. She’s one of a kind – a true blonde bombshell!

To be honest, we were never much for homework, but we’ll gladly study Jenny Pousin’s anatomy any time – even if it requires a few all-nighters.

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