Jaime Hammer A Study in Earthtones and Bare Flesh

ph-jaimehammer-790-06Chicago native Jaime Hammer is a sultry all-natural brunette who does the Windy City proud. Her seductive demeanor, furtive glances, and a body that makes every man’s blood boil made her an obvious choice as a Penthouse Pet back in November 2007. Those guys at Penthouse aren’t dummies. They keep calling her back to keep steaming up their magazine and website pages.

The latest is a real classy set. Jaime in a chocolate brown cocktail dress with jeweled accents strips down in a study decorated with complementary earthtones (wow, we are watching way too much Style Channel).

Jaime stealthily crawls on a beige throw on a sofa: her eyes continually holding you to each photo, her pursed lips causing a subconscious reaction with your own in response. This girl is just flat-out sexy in any decor.

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