Gia Lashay Mouths Off

DDG-gialashay-2485-08Among her numerous sexy features, all-natural ebony hot body Gia Lashay posses an incredibly sensuous mouth – and she knows it. She is constantly working her tongue and lips with very seductive results. Needless to say, Digital Desire was chomping at the bit to get her kisser in front of their cameras.

This exclusive photo gallery shows Gia out on the patio after someone apparently got her good with a garden hose. We’re sure at least one person was yelling, “Not the hair! Not the hair!”, but the rest of her invitingly soft body is covered with droplets of water. Gia lets the glistening beads shimmer in the afternoon sun as she completely removes her bikini letting her naked ample breasts and bodacious bottom take center stage.

Still, we keep coming back to that sumptuous mouth of hers: her tongue gliding over those luscious lips. Simply marvelous. The way she employs her oral centers just leaves us totally speechless.

Gia Lashay Gallery

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