Erica Campbell Big Boobed Softbody with Parasol

In tiny, black, belted shorts and a sexy striped halter shirt, Erica Campbell is one curvaceous and delicious hottie! The adorable blonde smiles brightly in these pictures from Pinup Files. The white sun hat perched jauntily on her head adds to the playful spirit the fair-haired beauty radiates. She is a tantalizing reminder of the days when pin-up girls were all the rage.

When she unfastens her halter, you can see that she’s enjoying the thought of making you squirm. She frees her large and bountiful breasts, knowing that it heats you up to a feverish pitch. Slipping off her hat, she grabs her parasol and laughs. Erica Campbell continues to slip off her clothes, making short work of her shorts next. But she hides behind the parasol, making you imagine what she might be keeping from your view. Every lady likes to retain a sense of mystery, after all!

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