Emily Parker Tattooed Vixen in Thigh-High Boots

Emily Parker is playing the part of a bad girl. We love bad girls; they give some of the hottest teases. Emily is no exception. This tattooed babe is good to go with dark lipstick, thigh high boots, lingerie and a leather jacket. Her perfect face and dark brown hair make it hard to look away, but when she opens her coat you know you’re in for a super hot treat.

This Danni’s Hard Drive set is among the hottest of the bad girl sets. Emily drops her jacket, showing off her body in a bra and thong, she then immediately gets to work. Her bra is the first to go, as she slides the straps down her shoulders. Once her breasts are revealed, she starts to fondle them with great relish.

Emily’s thong comes down as she bends forward, letting you get a sexy show of thigh-high boots, and sexy curves.

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