Emilia Sayers Brunette Hottie in Sold Blue Stockings

Emilia Sayers loves to tease her audience with her smoldering hot and sensuous body. In these pictures from Only Silk and Satin you can see that she does her teasing very well. The luscious ebony temptress is rocking that sexy black skirt and blue shirt, but those delicious bright blue stockings are the most delicious tease of all. Thigh high and attached to a sexy black garter belt, they are so bright they draw your attention to those amazing legs.

Once Emilia Sayers knows she has your attention, she slowly undresses. She shows off her cleavage in a pretty black bra before removing it entirely so we can see her perfect breasts. Emilia Sayers is one beautiful bombshell of a babe and we can’t get enough of the view.

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