Elle Alexandra Flaming Redhead Sizzles in Green Bra and Panties

Gorgeous and provocative, Elle Alexandra is one fiery red-headed vixen you just can’t stop staring at. Her slender physique is enchanting, with small breasts and luscious ass cheeks that are sure to get your attention. Her hair is an absolute wonder – long, curly, and sensuous. As she shows off all that hotness in one tight little package in these pictures from Penthouse, you’re going to find yourself under a spell. But Elle Alexandra doesn’t just want to tease you with what you can’t see. She wants to satisfy you by revealing all that she’s got. Baring her small breasts first, you might be amazed at how big her nipples are. Once she’s naked, she relaxes on the couch on elbows and knees, and her slinky body is a total delight.

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